Long Island

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Long Island is an iconic sneaker for women born in the world of basketball and revisited by NiRa Rubens in a casual-glam style with mix and match of prints and materials.

It’s a mid sneaker that can be worn with sporty looks to add a modern twist or with formal looks for a ready to wear effect.

The uppers are made of leather, denim and canvas with lettering inspired by street art and designs handmade in Italy in the NiRa Rubens' laboratory.

The high-impact faded effect is achieved by hand-coloring the denim Long Island uppers and that makes them unique.

The floral print and animal details of the Long Island are a trend of the spring season and are perfect to mix with both bold color looks and neutral tones.

All sneakers are hand-decorated by NiRa Rubens artisans who make each shoe exclusive and original. 

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